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Odionganons join the 112th Independence Day

I was so proud to be a part of the Municipal government of Odiongan wherein I witnessed how Odionganons united as we join the 112th Indepence Day with the theme: “Kalayaan: Tagumpay ng Bayan”. The program started at 7:30 am held at Odiongan Municipal Office,Odiongan, Romblon. Mr. Boy Fetalvero was the Master of Ceremony for the said event. It was participated by different local Government Agencies such as the Department of Agrarian Reform, Dept. of Interior and Local Government, Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources, Odiongan Municipal Police Station, DepEd teachers from Odiongan South District, Romblon National High School-Odiongan, Mayha National High School-RNHS Ext, as well as other Educational Institution, Barangay Officials, Tablas Bikers Club and other private agencies. The invocation was conducted by Pastor Dionel A. Flores followed by a singing of National Anthem by the LGU chorale group. An inspirational message was given by Rev. Father Elvin C. Fetalco. Next was the starting of Mountain Bikers Race and Hon. Brecio D. Fajutnao Jr. welcomed everyone for he was grateful for those who participated in that event. Then our group from Mayha National High School-RNHS Ext. gave a special intermission number by singing of Ang bayan ko. Releasing of doves was headed by Hon. Brecio Fajutnao Jr. and Sangguniang Bayan members then wreath laying by different agencies and Rev. Oliver E. Lambatin led the Closing prayer. The second part of the program was the awarding of prizes for mountain bike race. Mr. Jake Sudoy, number sixty five from Looc Romblon was the fortunate biker who got the first place.


Behind the sugarcane field

I thought it will be the same story as what Mr. Ver Pacete told us one day ago. At first it was quite boring, I even felt sleepy during the lecture. But when he showed us the video, all of us were astounded because the documentary film tackled the history of Negros Occidental. Truly a great help for us when there is another supplementary materials to deliver the message of the story and I admired Mr. Ver Pacete for sharing us the video. As what I also did sometimes in my lesson, I let my students watch a video or an impress presentation to arouse their interest for the lesson that I discussed. I was interested because I can also share this to my students.

Ver Pacete is once a sugarcane worker during his younger years and a teacher. At present he works in Tourism Office of the said place. He knows a lot about Negros because he already made a lot of research. He shared us all his knowledge about the place. So, these are the following informations taken from the lectures given by Mr. Pacete.

As you can see in the map you will notice that Negros is a boot-shape island. You will also find Mt. Kanlaon in the center of the island and they consider it as a famous landmark of Negros. It is the only province in the Philippines with thirteen cities and nineteen municipalities. “Buglas” is an early name for Negros it is a dialect term which means “cut off”and Hiligaynon is their language used. Read the rest of this entry »

The Hidden Treasure of Negros

When I received a text from our principal that I was one of the participants chosen for the CampBlog 1C I have a mixed emotions. I was overwhelmed that my name was published in CampBlog site and I felt happy because I can reach Negros Occidental. But I was worried for so many things such as the expenses, and who will take good care of my children while I’m away from home. There are lots of things to consider. Starting from that day I had so many sleepless night. I really wanted to go but still doubtful if I’m gonna grab the opportunity.

Until finally, my worries was answered by my mom. She promised to be with my children and she lend me money for my transportation expenses. To travel to different places was once in a lifetime and you shouldn’t miss it, she said. So, I packed up my things two days before I left Odiongan.

I together with my co-teachers, traveled going to Negros last May 29, 2010. First we bound to Dumaguit, Kalibo Aklan by ship. Then we rode in a bus going to Iloilo and took Supercat to Bacolod City. From there, we rode in a taxi to Natures Village, Talisay City. It’s been a long trip for us. I was really tired and I got homesick from the time we reached the place. I missed my family, even my home. So, I called and talked with them from time to time. Thank God I have an unlimited load for calling that time.

We’ve spent our second day in Bacolod City. We went to SM, I bought some things for myself and for my kids. The third day was the first day of our seminar. I met new friends especially when our speaker discussed about social networking. Then the following day was quite busy for us. I was very interested when our speaker taught us about Online Writing, Resource Planning and Photography. In each topic, there was always a workshop. So, we were busy working on it. But I was so excited to be one of the bloggers that’s why I really tried to finished my work and I was grateful that I’ve met Mr. Joe Torres, the editor-in-chief and Mr. Jimmy Domingo, the photographer of Remate. I learned so many things from our speakers and I enjoyed so much. I really can apply those things in my daily activities as a teacher and a blogger.

Then the most awaited time had come, June 4,2010 was the heritage tour to Negros. I woke up at 5:00 o’clock in the morning, then I took a bath. At 6:30 a.m. I have taken my breakfast. Then at 7:oo o’clock Mam Helen and I were ready for the journey. In fact we’re the first one who were able to prepare for the said activity among the participants. Read the rest of this entry »

Land of Lovable People

When we talk about beautiful places, many things come in our mind. But when you say you’re looking for a peaceful place, I would rather suggest, Odiongan is the best place to be. We’ll, I’m one of the luckiest Odionganon who belong in this island. Why? Because it is very peaceful and free from any danger. People of Odiongan call themselves as Odionganon. It consists of 25 barangays.

In every barangay there are public elementary schools and we have 3 secondary public schools. These are Libertad National High School located at Libertad, Odiongan, Romblon National High School – Main located in the heart of town and now there is a newly established school in Mayha, the Mayha National High School, an extension of RNHS-Main wherein I’ve been teaching there for 3 years. But some Odionganons, preferred to send their children in private schools.

Though we had only one state college in Odiongan, it was converted to University just recently . Through this, some students would no longer go in manila to have their college education for they offer different courses.

Odionganons are truly hospitable, we share ulam to our neighbors. Especially, ginataang langka, nilabog and gayabon ( gabi). Bananas, camote and other root crops or what they called duma are the favorite foods of Odionganons. Read the rest of this entry »

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